About Marcus

Marcus Katz, NLP & Hypnotherapy in Cumbria (Lake District)

I was introduced to NLP thirty years ago, and became fascinated by the range of applications of this communications model.

Although it was taught to me originally in the realm of Sales and Presentations, over the years I came to apply it in not only my work as a consultant in Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific, to assist presentations and make convincing arguments to Boards in the public and private sectors, but also to individual change-work.

It also assisted my research as part of my MBA dissertation at the University of Central Lancashire.

After completing my formal NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training with Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) and Paul McKenna, which I chose to take over three years in order to consolidate learning in-between the sessions, I came to see how NLP had grown out of hypnosis and linguistic patterns, so began another course of work in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I took a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy in Liverpool, and shortly afterwards started training other therapists and counsellors in NLP.

It struck me that very few NLP trainers had really worked as Hypnotherapists in a clinical therapy framework, and very few Hypnotherapists had trained to a high level in NLP, so I set to present courses offering the very best of both worlds, using my commercial background to produce professional materials and advise on related business issues such as marketing and internet search engine optimisation.

As I began developing my courses, students began to ask if I offered other courses and this encouraged me to work full-time in Hypnotherapy and NLP training.

In the meantime, I was achieving results with private clients so that without any advertising, word-of-mouth recommendations increased my hypnotherapy and NLP clients in Cumbria from one a month to 3-6 a day, some days.

I was also travelling world-wide as part of my IT consultancy and project work, so I was still standing between two worlds, applying NLP to Corporate work, and bringing corporate and global experience to my NLP Training.

Having completed my Licensed NLP Trainer Training with Bandler, McKenna and LaValle, I wanted to ensure my range was wider.

I invested in the highest quality of training in Neo-Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Sleight of Mouth, Clean Language and Metaphor work.

This included training with John Grinder, co-founder of NLP, Stephen Gilligan, who worked with Milton H. Erickson and Doug O’Brien, an acknowledged master and author of works on Sleight of Mouth (rapid belief-change patterns).

I then arranged to complete my full-time project consultancy work and take on NLP Training and Hypnotherapy training as a full-time path.

I then took further training in Clean Language patterns, which builds on much of my earlier work with metaphors and their use in clear communication and direct change-work.

I later went on to complete a second Masters Degree in Western Esoteric Philosophy at Exeter University, which has provided research material for many unique applications in personal change-work.

I have been both under the formal supervision of a registered clinical psychologist of twenty years experience in the field, working in the area of trauma victims, and undergone counselling myself to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

This is essential for any therapist or change-worker, and is definately a component in any likely government regulation in the area of alternative therapies.

It is my intention to remove much of the flim-flam and salesmanship that surrounds this field with clear demonstration and training of the essential principles and deep structure of NLP and Hypnosis for change-work.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me by e-mail enquiries@nlpmagick.com and I’ll be happy to answer them.