Adept Practitioner

NLP Adept Practitioner Workshop in Cumbria (Lake District)

Offered every Month! Choose to Suit your Schedule!

2 Days

Cost: £450

After thirty years of testing, training & modifying NLP Techniques, I’m often asked by Master Practitioners of NLP to demonstrate advanced uses of NLP for rapid change, single-word re-framing, subtle state-change, belief modification techniques and more.

These are now included in an advanced two-daysyllabus suitable for Master Practitioners or equivalent background. The material of these two days is based on practical application and intense inner work – please enquire for your invitation.

Our first Adept Practitioner workshop focused on creating training plans & presentations using NLP structures such as the Meta-Model tweaked with Kabbalistic ideas! We created several new techniques and a range of models for teaching trainers to create effective workshops.

NLP Cumbria
Applying NLP to Teaching & Classroom Situations

NLP Magick is the first Training Organisation to offer an advanced Adept Practitioner, and as such this level of training is unique to NLP Magick participants.

There is no certification, licensing, validation, or other administration of this workshop. It is a fully experiential, creative, developmental and individual experience.

If you would like to discuss or register for this experience, please contact me.