NLP Master Practitioner Course

10 Days

Cost: £1,450 + £150 certification fee

Our NLP Master Practitioner Course is certified through the Society of NLP and your certificate is signed by Richard Bandler, one of the two co-founders of NLP.

Over two 5-day modules, you will learn effective communication methods for a range of uses, from sales to therapy, training to customer support.

Previous participants have commented how deep this training goes to provide life-changing experiences.

Students from my NLP & Hypnotherapy Training in Cumbria

Here is just a brief snippet of what you will be covering in your first day and a full syllabus will be provided to you on enquiry.


Although Modelling is something we’ll be looking at a lot, it is often more effective to assist someone else to self-model, which removes your assumptions about their internal representations, and makes changes in the client as they work through the modelling themselves.

As it is said, “By our work we are changed.”[1]

Today we get quite practical by learning various ways, suitable for a range of situations from coaching to therapy, or teaching to sales, of allowing someone to self-model.

We’ll also cover a few techniques not taught elsewhere, including one I’ve worked with for twenty years, called “Inner Landscape”. I also refer to Jungian psychology and Dream Work today, which is particular to the holistic NLP Magick approach.

Session 3 (AM)

  • What’s a Metaphor?
  • Building Effective Metaphors
  • Clean Language – Intro

Session 4 (PM)

  • Content-Free Hypnosis
  • Inner Landscape Elicitation
  • Change-Work in the Inner Landscape
  • Jungian Archetypes and Complexes in IL work

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this day, amongst other things, you’ll be able to:

  • Assist others make changes by non-intrusive methods
  • Respect other people’s view of the world as valid for them
  • Work with another’s model of the world
  • Understand why NLP is often said to be ‘content-free’
  • Use IL techniques to assist a client build an inner workplace
  • Practice using NLP techniques with the IL framework
  • Assist a client or colleague to get in touch with their self-image

Contact me for full syllabus and/or to arrange a personalised/alternative Training Schedule

[1] That’s not “By our Wok we are changed.” You really have to watch that spell-checker.