Hypnotherapy Foundation

My Hypnotherapy Training courses are high-quality, innovative and original, suited to a range of learning styles; I use the 4-MAT system to teach in addition to unconscious installation methods.

My simple and clear pricing structure includes all materials and excellent lunches, the most wonderful venue in the world (in most weathers) and as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner you are eligible to join the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, one of the largest validating bodies in the country, and one working towards self-regulation and standards.

You do not pay VAT on my courses, saving 17.5% on other organisations fees.

In return, you get 1:1 training or a friendly group-size, beautiful venue, professional training, deep content and experience.

Hypnotherapy Foundation Course in Cumbria (Lake District)

Offered every Month! Choose to Suit your Schedule!

5 days

Cost: £850

Our Hypnotherapy Foundation Course is the essential introduction to using hypnosis and hypnotherapy in your life. Participants have been those wishing to learn hypnosis for self-development, NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners who wish to discover the roots of NLP in hypnotherapy, and those wishing to embark on a new career in Hypnotherapy – or to add Hypnotherapy skills to their existing skill-set in therapy or counselling.

Your experience will be unique; previous students have been amazed how their expectations have been confounded in their learning of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy combined with NLP and Sleight of Mouth techniques – to be able to conduct group inductions after the first weekend; to create new interventions on the fly; choose between eight entirely different induction methods; improve motivation, relaxation and deepen trance.

Exceed Expectations!

“It’s been my joy in training Hypnotherapy and NLP to many people; Dentists, Theatre Directors, Therapists, Jet Pilots and Horse Whisperers! Find out how you’ll benefit!”

Contact me for full syllabus and/or to arrange a personalised/alternative Training Schedule

NLP Magick Hypnotherapy Course Materials

Hypnotherapy Taster Day Just for You!

Offered every Month! Choose to Suit your Schedule!

1 day

Cost: £185

Come up and see us sometime?

Perhaps you’d like to spend a day in the Lakes, learning Hypnotherapy and assessing my training? Browsing several hundreds of books on the subject?

Experiencing change-work for an issue? Whatever your preferred method of ensuring we are the right Hypnotherapy Training for you, come up for a day and I’ll demonstrate our walking the talk and show you some “good stuff” just for you as a taster!

When you then book Hypnotherapy Foundation or Hypnotherapy Practitioner, you get a £50 discount.

“As a trained trainer in addition to experience over many years of working with clients, I am keen to install attitudes and approaches to therepeutic work which give you flexibility and confidence quickly.”

Contact me for full syllabus and/or to arrange a personalised/alternative Training Schedule