Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course in Cumbria (Lake District)

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10 days

Cost: £1,450

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner training course is training designed to ensure you are capable and confident dealing with the range of issues clients may present to you in a working environment.

The course covers the therapeutic aspects of working as a Hypnotherapist, the business considerations, and a full syllabus which exceeds most validating requirements.

Completing this course will give you a Dip(Hyp) in Hypnotherapy and the option of advertising as a GHSC Validated Hypnotherapist.

The course is 10 days training over a series of weekends, with multimedia study DVD’s, CD’s, full annotated reading list, exercises, and more, all written uniquely for this course.

Hypnotherapy Training in Cumbria (Lake District)

Our therapy work is based on Ericksonian principles, Neo-Ericksonian developments, Jungian concepts, a Psychosynthesis framework, and contemporary work such as NLP, Clean Language, Brief Therapy and more!

You will have attended our Foundation Training or demonstrate equivalent experience for this course.

“Milton H. Erickson said that he developed a new theory for every single client – and he saw many thousands of clients. We take this to mean that we should avoid teaching a set checklist approach to hypnotherapy, but rather install a comprehensive range of techniques delivered by an attitude which is responsive and respectful to the client with whom we are working.”