NLP Practitioner Course

10 Days

Cost: £1,350 + £150 certification fee

Our NLP Practitioner Course is certified through the Society of NLP and your certificate is signed by Richard Bandler, one of the two co-founders of NLP.

Over two 5-day modules, you will learn effective communication methods for a range of uses, from sales to therapy, training to customer support.

Previous participants have commented how deep this training goes to provide life-changing experiences. 

NLP Practitioner Paula Corrigan

Many of the “classic” methods of NLP are learnt, then given a bright new spin, and “new code” NLP is discussed.

Your trainer has received training from both Richard Bandler and John Grinder over the last few years, and is up-to-date with new advances in NLP, building on his library of rare NLP material gathered over thirty years.

No other course will teach you so quickly how to generate your own techniques – the true heart of NLP. Exceed Expectations!

Here is just a brief snippet of what you will be covering in your first day and a full syllabus will be provided to you on enquiry.

Session 1 (AM): Introduction & Sensory Acuity

• Intro: The Science of Suggestion

• Background and Context of NLP (from Mesmer to McKenna!)
• Relationship to Neurology, Linguistics, Programming
• Context of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
• Role within Different Environments: Business, Sales, Presentation, Communication, Therapy, Education, Self-Development
• Relationship to Therapy & CBT
• Latest Studies & Research into Effectiveness

• Practice: Being in a Seeing & Listening State

o Sensory acuity, Rapport, Pacing and Leading
o Representational Systems and Eye Accessing Cues

Session 2 (PM): Going Further into Open Seeing

Today we’ll also be going into a unique space known particularly to NLP Magick Practitioners; a space where you can begin to see and listen more clearly and concisely than ever before.

Using techniques derived from a range of sources, after meticulous research, we’ll explore the mysteries of Open Seeing.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the first day, amongst other things, you’ll be able to:

• Know the history of NLP & its contemporary applications
• Understand representational systems – the coding of experience
• Observe people communicating – in a deeper way
• Appreciate how differently people think, so you can better communicate

“It’s been my joy in training NLP to many people; Dentists, Theatre Directors, Therapists, Jet Pilots and Horse Whisperers! Find out how you’ll benefit!”

Contact me for full syllabus and/or to arrange a personalised/alternative Training Schedule