NLP MAGICK is suitable for those wishing to utilise NLP and Hypnotherapy in change-work, coaching, teaching, presentations, relationships, sales, as hypnotherapists, health professionals, teachers, counsellors or therapists.

It is also suitable for those wishing to apply specific aspects of NLP to improving their own creativity and communication.

It draws from experiential work and training over three decades and all sources have been cited where possible, with over thirty case examples drawn from private practice with clients.

  • The history, nature & methods of trance induction
  • How to listen and locate the edge of a clients belief
  • The three essential levers of change; time/space, identity and value
  • Applications of the Milton Model and Meta-Model
  • The powerful approach of Incorporation & Utilisation
  • Ten different inductions & knowing which one to use
  • Thirty real case studies demonstrating every method of NLP
  • Positive Outcome Frame & Solution-Orientated Methods
  • Clean Language in combination with NLP
  • Three Phobia Methods
  • Working with Compulsions (Modelling Work)
  • The Belief Change Model & Sleight of Mouth
  • Disney Creativity Model Re-Vamped
  • Documentating a Session, Learning from the Client
  • Ericksonian Methods and the Double Bind
  • Basic & Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns
  • Fail-Safe Hypnosis & Fractionation Techniques
  • The Magic Mirror & other ‘essential toolbox’ methods
  • Self Hypnosis & Methods for the client beyond the session
  • Presuppositions of NLP Re-Visited; Rapport, Congruency, etc.
  • Personal Methods that Work: Life-Swap Method, Outduction, and more
  • Specific Steps for Weight Management, Fear of Flying, Smoking Cessation, Emetophobia (fear of sickness), anxiety, confidence, etc.

In this book, I will lay out the most useful applications and methods I have learnt over three decades of a passionate interest in the subject and application of its methods with hundreds of clients.

This passion took me to unexpected places and to unexpected discoveries; about myself and about how other people can come to create change in their lives.

I invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars over ten years attending workshops and seminars, study groups and home groups, conferences and seminars on the subject.

I retrieved old tapes and recordings of the founding figures of the tradition (as I have come to see it) and replayed hundreds of times the growing online video footage of masters of the craft.

And then I had my first client and it all fell apart.

Twenty years later, having not given in, and having changed my own mind at least twenty times over about the subject, I feel comfortable sharing a record of my experiences, the most useful lessons and methods I learnt from many leaders in the field and the work of my clients, that it might prove useful to others who seek to change their own mind and perhaps encourage others to do so too.

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